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Coach Charley

Transformational Relationship Coach and Motivational Speaker

As a coach, entrepreneur and business leader, Coach Charley's experience spans over 25 years. She is a trained life coach, motivational speaker, and trainer with a bachelors degree and a masters degree in business administration. She is the current owner of Kaizen Consulting, LLC and former owner of an employment staffing agency.


Her love for coaching and business started early in life. As a young child, she spent many summers in her grandmother's beauty salon where she watched and listened to her grandmother run a business and coach clients through life's transitions. This time was the foundation that sparked Coach Charley's passion for wanting to enrich the quality of life of others.


Over the years, Coach Charley has faced her own challenges with returning to school, business, raising children, marriage, health/wellness (weight gain and loss); however, she has remained committed to becoming her best self and coaching others, "From Tolerating to Transforming". 


Coach Charley has made it her life's mission to coach, guide, educate and develop fulfilling lives. What is equally important to know about Coach Charley is that she wants the best for you.

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