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 Coaching with Charley

Meet Charley

Your Transformational Coach 

Like some, I took the long winding road of self-discovery which included many experiences that shaped and molded me. However, every step of the way, I knew I wanted to make a positive impact on the world, one person at a time.


Through my experiences, I found my love for coaching and my strong desire to guide, support, and affirm others. Coaching with Charley was developed to help others regain and maintain their own inner strength in order to manage and conquer the challenges of life.


I am guided by my strong faith and my sheer passion for finding freedom and peace in every aspect of life. I am committed to love and I understand that it must be positively fed with truth and understanding. As a wife and mother of two, I appreciate not always having the answers but I am always willing to work through the process.


What I Specialize In



Mental Fitness

Life's Transitions

Personal Development

Accountability Coaching


My coaching relationship began in 2014. During this time, Charley helped me to develop my leadership skills and was undoubtedly instrumental in my professional development.

Tai, Philadelphia PA

When you receive services from Coaching with Charley, she helps you to identify challenges

and reasonable goals and a plan on how to achieve those goals. 

Celeste Vaughan-Briggs L.C.S.W

Working with Coach Charley for over several years professionally and personally is equal to being motivated and inspired by your sister-friend, mentor, and advocate all rolled up into one complete package! 

Danyell W.

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