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My coaching relationship began in 2014. During this time, Charley helped me to develop my leadership skills and was undoubtedly instrumental in my professional development.


Charley’s innate ability to be positive, open, and flexible were the characteristics she coached me into developing not only in my professional life, but personal life as well. Charley was able to identify my natural gifts and provide support in areas where I needed strengthening. I experienced extreme turbulence during my professional career that if it were not for God and her support, I would not have made it.


When I think of Charley, these three words come to mind, compassionate, committed, and patient.


The effectiveness of her coaching has given me a different outlook and approach to handling situations. Having Charley as a professional coach will be a worthwhile investment in your life.


Tai, Philadelphia PA

Charley brings to her coaching her professional and personal experiences to engage her clients with

empathy and insight. When you receive services from Coaching with Charley, she helps you to identify challenges

and reasonable goals and a plan on how to achieve those goals. I would highly recommend becoming

her client to help achieve the goals you have set, it is well worth the investment.

Celeste Vaughan-Briggs L.C.S.W

“Working with Coach Charley for over several years professionally and personally is equal to being motivated and inspired by your sister-friend, mentor, and advocate all rolled up into one complete package! Not only can Coach Charley be the epitome of professionalism and positive energy; her ideas and insight has helped me to craft and implement plans of action and purpose in a clear, concise, and effective manner. Her mentorship and encouragement continues to give me the confidence and clarity in pursuing future goals.”

Danyell W.

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