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From Tolerating to Transforming

Explore opportunities for small adjustments that will enhance your life’s journey.

Identify, prepare, and plan future endeavors using strategies and tools that will energize and propel your life’s aspirations.

Transformational Coaching Sessions

What is a coach and what can you expect?


As your Coach, we will define goals, navigate crossroads, and confront challenges that keep you stuck. Together we will make small adjustments that will ultimately transform your life.


Together we will create a coaching experience that will:

  • Challenge you to succeed by stretching you beyond your normal capacity.


  • Bring awareness that will guide your willingness and commitment towards change.

  • Develop an on-going relationship to help achieve personal and professional goals.

  • Focus on solutions that are movement-oriented and action-based.

  • Determine what you want to achieve and what will make your process the most successful.


Stop Tolerating What You Can Change!



​​Purpose:  To facilitate discussions that inspire the progression of an enriched and fulfilled life. The four-week workshop will allow participants to work with a coach, independently and/or within groups.


Target Audience:  Are you tired of tolerating what life throws at you? Would you like to have better experiences in your relationships and/or would you just like to feel better about yourself?

Description:  The sessions are designed to motivate participants to actively explore opportunities that will fulfill life-long dreams, ambitions, and goals that have been placed on hold due to other obligations; such as, family, education, and employment. Together we will effectively develop an action plan for uncovering viable business and career opportunities, and reconnect to interests that bring you joy.  We will explore topics that will unearth life-long dreams. The sessions will revive and energize you into living the life you were meant to live.

Objectives: To guide participants from tolerating to transforming. To explore opportunities for small adjustments that will yield significant results. To identify, prepare, and plan future endeavors. To strategize and use tools that will energize and propel your life’s aspirations.

Coachin Sessions
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