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Life’s Transitions - Coping with Loss

The COVID-19 Pandemic has the world in a state of uncertainty. For the first-time ever, we are faced with managing our health care needs remotely and are unable to support family members who are hospitalized. There have been over 40,000 deaths in this country, leaving loved ones to carry-out arrangements with limited support all while maintaining social distancing. How do we cope with loss during this time? How can we be supported and support one another? As difficult as it might be, this is the time to hold on to your faith, pray, and seek wisdom.

Dealing with loss is never easy and the pandemic is unearthing many emotions. You rarely think about how losing a loved one can impact you. When loss occurs, the pain feels like someone has ripped out your heart leaving you in disbelief and shock.

I am almost certain that you cannot plan for something so heart-wrenching and the desire to fill the void will feel unfillable. Many will share their personal experiences and how they got through but it will be no consolation to you. You almost don’t want to hear it because at the moment you feel as if you are going at this alone and no one really understands.

Many have expressed loss as if they are walking through a fog day after day. Others have identified loss as a very lonely time even when surrounded by family and friends. Some ask the same familiar question, “What if I had done something differently”. And, let’s not forget the feelings of anger and abandonment. 

As you go through all the emotions of loss remember to take care of yourself. 


  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable.

  • Ask for help.

  • Be open to support from those who love you.

  • Have someone you can call anytime day or night to talk, cry, scream, or just be silent.


  • Be patient with yourself. 

  • Give yourself permission to be sad.

  • Don’t rush your healing.

  • Be honest with others about your feelings, speak the truth.

Professional Help

  • Don’t suffer in silence. For short-term or long-term emotional support, seek professional help with either a Grief Coach or Counselor. 

Coach Charley

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