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Remodel Your Empty Nest

For those of you who are parents, do you remember the day that you held one of God’s most precious gifts in your arms and how you felt excited, happy, nervous, scared, overjoyed, and in love? 

Before bringing your bundle of joy home, you either prepared for that special day months in advance or you scrambled to paint and put together furniture days before your expected date of delivery. You may have thought about what type of parent you wanted to be or what you would teach your child about life.

Watching your child grow immeasurably can be the most rewarding experience in one's life. It is the ultimate balancing act of managing your own life and the needs of  the ever-changing demands of your child. From the growing spurts to the emotional roller coaster that happens during puberty and adolescence, there comes a time when you are counting down the days that your bundle of joy will leave home for college, military, or work to start a life that you have prepared them to embrace. While your child will always need your guidance, adulthood is their journey to map and set sail. 

The nest you prepared for your child is now the nest that you will need to remodel for yourself with the same love and care that you prepared for them. Now is the time to plan for their exit and prepare to rediscover the life that you paused. It is now time to put your dreams front and center. 

Like many of you, I am preparing for the day when my time and schedule will be totally my own. When I can completely live out my purpose uninterrupted by matches, games, recitals, school meetings etc. Not that I would change a thing but I am looking forward to the next phase of life and how I will use every lesson, experience, and the knowledge gained to rediscover areas that brought me joy in my younger years and to embark upon an incredible journey of learning new and exciting things.

It Is important that we do not allow the next 20 or 30 years to unfold without a plan without the faintest idea about our next steps. Just trodding along until retirement. Take some time and explore what you want and how to make your dreams a reality. It’s time to plot your new course and do something amazing for yourself. It’s time to remodel your life. It’s time to remodel your empty nest. Use this time wisely, you will never get it back.

Coaching with Charley

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