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How will “You” show-up?

How will “You” show-up?

At a Toastmasters’ meeting, a career coach said, "I prepare candidates for the interview; but, it’s up to the candidate to sell their ability to generate income.” Now that you have sold your abilities, how do you want to be perceived? Who will show up each and every day? 

Before starting a new career opportunity or business venture, reflect on your experiences, the lessons you have learned and what has made you better. During this time, take a full inventory of your skills, talents and your successes throughout your life. 

This week, I challenge you to dig deep into who you are as a person:

What are your best qualities?

What areas need improvement?

What is your personal brand?

How do you want to relate to others?

How will you be a better person?

Assess and evaluate yourself often. Make sure when you show-up that you are the best you, the most current you, the new and improved you. So, work on you. Show-up the best you each and every day.

It really is all about the best of “You”!

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