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Southern Comfort with a City Twist

The “Peach” state, home of the Masters and King of Soul (James Brown). A place where there's no lack of hospitality and while their greetings may seem old-fashioned (good morning/good afternoon, yes/no ma’am - yes/no sir), it’s a refreshing experience of humility. Not without its social injustices but a place I proudly call home; Georgia, Augusta Georgia is where I was born and raised. 

Born to a teenage mother, not a disadvantage but an opportunity. An opportunity to be raised by a Village, by some of the most amazing people you will ever encounter, parents, grandparents, and aunts/uncles. My village laid the foundation with God, family, love, and truth. Foundations starting with my grandmother (daughter of sharecroppers) who with an elementary education was the first and only child of six to become an entrepreneur. She was a Beautician, in her day, we call them Cosmetologists. As a salon owner, with three to four other Beauticians, she became a property owner of two homes all while raising a family. Her legacy lives on even after death.

I spent my weekends and summers with my “Grams”  learning about beauty and hair but my education with her was so much more. I learned how to be a focused business woman, I learned how to listen and help people by giving advice, coaching, and praying for those in need. I learned how to play chess, racquetball, tennis, and be better at math from my Uncles. I learned to appreciate my differences with confidence from my Mother and Aunt. I also learned that not having the proverbial “father” in the home was nothing to be ashamed of but to the contrary, I learned that maybe I was better off than most, no fighting, bittering, or power struggles. I lacked for nothing. What I didn’t learn was to cook, not a priority amidst what was really important, I guess. My upbringing wasn't perfect but it was my imperfect/perfect and I have no regrets because it was the groundwork for so much more.

In 1987 at 20 years old, there I was in the “Keystone” state. In the big city, home of cheese steaks, city of brotherly love and sisterly affection with massive transportation. A place where diversity and opportunity were endless. In Philadelphia, PA, I would be shaped and molded into a woman. A woman who loves Kelly Drive, music, theatre, and cultural diversity. A woman who learned through volunteer work at WOAR (Women Organized Against Rap) and Big Brothers Big Sisters not to judge but that everyone has a story. A woman who is kind, aware and open minded. A woman who would start her own staffing agency at the ripe old age of, very young 23, with no money and no real clue how to get any. A woman who would go on to graduate with a bachelors and a masters. A woman who would find the love of her life, someone who would be from a place more southern than Georgia, Montego Bay Jamaica, get married and raise three beautiful culturally diverse and aware children. 

As Life Coach, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, and Friend, my journey continues on the path of self-improvement with love and truth as my tools. I am the best of both, the south and the north. I am a peachy southerner with the fullness of city flare and excitement.

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